Behaviour Correction

Behaviour Correction is a training method to help dogs understand, making better choices and seamlessly integrate into sociability with humans or other dogs.

Dog-Obedience-and-Behaviour-Training and Your relationship with your dog is a valuable asset in your life. Science is just starting to realise that our animal companions help us to relax and better cope with the ever-increasing levels of stress in our lives

Dog-Obedience-and-Behaviour-Training improves the bond between you and your dog, establishing communication and understanding of who is the pack leader. You must begin with your dog obedience training sessions as soon as your little puppy arrives home.

Training your dog on a regular basis or to be more precise daily obedience training is the best thing you can do for your dog , and in return you dog will acquire a sense of security from the rewarding experience of obedience and proper reinforcement working methods.

Training dogs in this way is very beneficial and quite easy to do, although it takes patience, time and commitment from your part.   Dog obedience training helps in building a strong bond of trust and respect between you and your dog because it conditions your dog to look to you for approval in everything they do!

Dog-Obedience-and-Behaviour-Training can make a huge difference to your dog’s behaviour, contribute to their social skills at home and with other dogs in the park, limitations area must as they do have limitations in their natural habitat from their Alfa’s or pack leaders. Remember that our domesticated dogs are from the same “Order Carnivore”, which is a direct descendant of the “Canis Lupus” (wolf), which then was domesticated by humans and turned into “Canis Lupus familiaris”, which we know today as our domesticated dogs in many shapes colours and sizes. But remember that they behaviour and way of communication and family structure remains the same as the wolf.

You must start your training with simply commands such as; Sit, Stay, heel while walking on the lead, to provide you with eye contact when they want something link a treat.

Dog obedience training is important for both you and your dog in so many ways. Teaching your dog to be obedient also gives your dog the awareness of the boundaries that you set for him.

These boundaries include being a responsible member of your family. Training your dog in obedience training may be the most important step you can take in order to build desirable habits in your dog

The best training for your dog starts when they are still a puppy

Puppies learn from the moment they are born from their parents and their litter-mates. When taken away from the biological parents you become the responsible person for their development from that moment. So you must start your puppy with their obedience learning as soon as possible, as the early 14 weeks of their life are the most important learning stages of their lives, and it doesn’t matter what breed or size they are, and it does not matter if they did or didn’t get their last vaccination, as they must be exposed to as many situations as possible such as; kids, other dogs and puppies, road noises, kids strollers and many other stimuli in our surroundings, the more they see at their earlier age the less anxiety issues they will have when they grow up.

We have to teach them where they rules, boundaries and limitations lay, we have to teach them respect and we have to start teaching them where to go to the toilet and where not to. Where is food served, where they sleep and many other boundaries and limitations in order to have a well behaved and balanced puppy.  If we wont teach them what we are expecting from them, they wont know what to do to be a good dog with and acceptable behaviour to us..

Cause for Paws will provide and educate you with scientifically researched information that has been proven to be the best and most effective way of training your puppy to grow into a well behaved and balanced adult dog. 

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training a dog is vital to start from as young as 8 weeks old. As dogs must start learning as soon as we bring them home. The most important thing is to remember, that puppies as well as adult dogs have very different needs to us humans, and one of these needs is plenty of socialising with other puppies and dogs. The big misconception about group classes is that many of these classes held at your local veterinarian’s practice or a close by pet stores, will tell you that the puppy needs socialising and this is why you need to take them to a group session.  I cannot agree more that puppies do need socialising. However, the socialising time puppys get in a group class is very limited to mainly a few minutes a week over several weeks of classes, and this is not near enough. They really need daily socialising and interaction with different dogs and puppies, they need to be exposed to as many different situation of stimuli of our environment, such as loud traffic noises, motorbikes, kids on bicycles, skateboards, women pushing a pram with a baby in it and so on… 

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