About us

We are driven by merit, passion and the focus to educate pet owners with maximum     understanding of their pet, utilising appropriate scientific evidence, and positive respect based training methods to achieve the highest results, and provide you and your Dog with a good head start and a good healthy relationship for many years to come.

Your Dog is hopefully going to be with you for 9-10 and some even 16 years or more.

To set your dog up for success, it is crucial to start conditioning them to their                surroundings environment and stimuli, and provide them with guidance early in their life.  Understanding these small behavioural needs will help you have a long term impact on their behaviour, all which seems like a small investment to make for a lifetime of                   happiness and balance.

This will result in gaining your dogs respect, and will reward you with a well behaved,             socially acceptable, happy and a balanced Dog. As for your Dog: knowing he will have a happy, loving and forever home.

Our Values

We follow positive training methods and the pets are treated with love, compassion and understanding.

Our Mission

We have 40 years experience in providing high quality and effective dog training

We specialise in all types of training methods for dogs like    Basic obedience, leash free obedience etc. We also provide handlers training for those who seek quality guidance.


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